EDF Advert 2012

So, whilst having a bit of a 'moment' at work with a module, I decided to have a quick break. I saw this last night and well quite frankly, it made me smile... a lot! I hope this brightens up your day as much as it has mine... enjoy!


Junior Flash Designer

I've recently started a new job, (my first design one at that!). It's at a company called BroadShield, a company who provides e-learning training online for the care industry. My title - Junior Flash Designer. I use Adobe Flash on a daily basis to design, animate and edit modules for the company. I'm so excited at the opportunity to learn and develop as a designer and be fluent in a program I never thought I'd understand!

Because of this, I have updated and re-vamped my CV. Feel free to contact me if you would like to see it, or for anything else!


letterhead/business card/comp slip

So, leaving my degree and entering the world of work, what do I need? A brand! I introduce to you... ao. 
Let me know what you think!

show reel.


My first show reel...enjoy!

the body shop.

A few examples of some work I produced as part of my degree. the brief was to show the body shop as the original pioneers or beauty, with the concept being to show the products as 'transparent' by revealing the source and the ingredients used.

poster range

booklet & pos design

packaging range


I promise to update previous and future blogs soon, but for the next week I will be missing in action whilst in the hot sun in Greece! The last few weeks have been the busiest and most exciting weeks to date and I'm so looking forward to persuing placements and opportunities when I return!

In the meantime...congrats to fellow designers, I wish you all the luck in the world!

D&AD / 2010

So, I was chosen for D&AD New Blood as you know, and now the experience is nearly over I thought I'd reflect...

*Reflection in progress :)*

accessorize rebrand / 2010

Another degree project - to re brand Accessorize. I decided the existing identity didn't truly reflect the target audience or portray them as being a more 'unique' accessory store. To achieve this I handmade the logo, photographed and edited to create the logo. The bags and handles were also hand made, with the stickers being produced (for free!) for that extra touch. 

degree results / june 2010

So the long awaited results were published yesterday, in complete chaos I might add. But, after waiting for a while and reaching the 'table of fate' I got the envelope. I decided to wait with a few others to open them together and find out how we stood after 3 years of hard work and long nights! Personally... a 2.1 for me. Pretty happy with that! It was pretty much what I expected after receiving a 66 in my first assessment, as well as knowing my dissertation was no where good enough to bring it up to a first! The others in my group seemed to do as well as expected so all in all it was a pretty good day!

The Coach House

A beautiful house and gardens situated in Hatfield, was my project of choice this time last year as my last year two project. This is one of the few projects I'm still fairly happy with, the logo in particular. In short, I decided to re brand the logo of the restaurant 'The Coach House' within the grounds. I have tried to incorporate a subtle element from both the gardens and the restaurant.